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Two in three telecom businesses will need to change their core drastically if they are to survive. This relates to the fact that the telecom industry changes ever more rapidly. Besides these changes, telecom businesses can no longer be ‘product-focused’ organizations but now need to enable communities to communicate through a wide range of services, enforcing a ‘service-focused’ marketing model.

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Countesse Inc. Annual Report 2008

During one of my strategy courses we ran a virtual Beer Brewery, this is its Annual Report and includes the strategy we set out. More can be found at its website.

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Coltec: Strategy 2007/2008

Coltec is a fictitious company, I tempted to formulate a sound and complete strategy as part of our Knowledge Management Master Class. It is a truly different type of strategy and introduces new combined perspectives on strategic communication.

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IT Related

An Usability Project: The Health-Phone

Modern technologies can have serveral applications. Consider Apple’s Iphone a truly smart application could include health monitoring of your beloved ones. This paper will introducesuch a smart application as part of an usability research.

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Web Accessibility and Usability

This project contains information about web accessibility and usability. It deals with a wide range of aspects concerning these two issues. In depth research information will be provided about disabled people using the web as their information source and why this audience is not to be ignored. Information on best practises will not be missing either.

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Juxtaposing the performance of Integrated and Seperated Systems

Search and browse systems were developed to help us find information quickly. However, today’s technology takes us a bit further and tries to understand our information goals. Understanding them should improve the search time and accuracy of the results. The systems that aim to understand the users’ information goals and to integrate search and browse according to them, are what we decided to call Integrated Systems. The main concern of the study was to explore whether integrated systems perform better than the separated ones. Our hypothesis was that integrated systems will fulfil in the information goal with greater efficiency than separated systems. To prove this our subjects were asked to execute a series of tasks with separated and integrated systems. Unfortunately our results show that our hypothesis was not entirely correct. Systems probably will be more effective without integrating browse and search, we named such systems Dynamic Search Systems. These systems understand the user’s information goal through understanding the semantic relations of keywords. It offers, based on these semantic relations, alternatives to users’ searches and maintains a very simple interface. Within the conclusions the evidence is explained and a final advice given

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The Matrix a matter of perception: a postmodern understanding

To be able to understand why ‘The Matrix’ is a postmodern film we first need to consider postmodernism as a process: the process of developing the futuer in our minds.

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Understanding globalization as a cause of anomie

Whilst we live in a globalized postmodern world we are socially instablized cauzed by the erosion of our standards and values (anomie).

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Non-Verbal communication inside the world of business

Non-verbal communication is an important factor in the world of business. It is all about how one appears, behaves and body language. In fact, non-verbal communication is every possible external message source, other than words, to which people respond

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Papers in Dutch

De Toekomst van Identificatie zal worden bepaald door: Biometrie en Paspoort-Smart-Cards

Dit project verschaft inzicht in diverse biometrische toepassingen zoals vingerafdrukken, gezichtsherkenning, irisscans, en hoe deze toepassingen te gebruiken zijn als identificatiemiddel. Uitvoerig behandelen we het biometrisch paspoort en hoe identiteiten te managen met behulp van nieuwe geavanceerde technologiën en het biometisch paspoort. Eveneens komen wettelijke aspecten aan bod omstreeks biometrie en beveiliging van persoonsgegevens. Verder gaan we in op standaardisatie en de implementie van het biometrisch paspoort. Als laatste zullen we onze hoofdvraag beantwoorden welke is: ‘In hoeverre kunnen we identiteit managen met behulp van de unieke menselijke kenmerken verstrekt door een biometrisch paspoort?’

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Veranderingen Brengen Beweging

Dit artikel verschaft een vernieuwde kijk op Change Management (CM) gecombineerd met Knowledge Management (KM), waarbij ik KM beschouw als een fictie en CM als een verzamelnaam. Desondanks het feit dat KM niet bestaat is er wel degenlijk een goed alternatief voorhanden genaamd: Informtion Flow Management.

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